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How To Get More People To Download Your Hotel’s Mobile App

So you just got your shiny new customized mobile app implemented for your hotel – great! Now what?

Having a mobile app is pointless if no one is using it. Proper marketing and promotion is key to ensuring people not only know about your mobile app but also that they perceive enough value to add it to their already cluttered phone.

What are the best ways to generate more mobile app downloads? We’ve got the scoop.

Website Promotion

Having a mobile app is an exciting convenience for guests and is a great way to set your hotel apart from the competition. Make the mobile app front and center throughout your hotel website experience by subtly and not-so-subtly placing app information throughout your website. Before you get started, keep in mind that the mobile app promotion should not detract from the hotel exploration and booking experience but rather enhance the decision making process. Ideas for tactfully promoting your mobile app via your website include:

Website Pop-Up (Desktop Only)

Many hotel’s utilize pop-ups to collect visitor emails or promote current deals. Consider changing your popups messaging to include a push for the mobile app. Note – popups do not simply exist for first time visitors once they enter the website. Many content management systems include settings for more sophisticated pop-up campaigns, including popups for repeat visitors, popups for specific pages or for when people reach a certain point on a page, etc. Whatever your pop-up includes, just be sure that it is applied only to desktop visitors! Google (and general website users) do not like intrusive pop-ups via mobile and websites can actually be penalized for having these!

Mobile-Specific Banner

Thought Google does not like intrusive mobile pop-ups, there are some ways to work around this setback. Small mobile banners that do not take up a significant amount of screen space and that are easy to close out of are perfectly acceptable from a search engine perspective and are the new norm when it comes to mobile promotions. Smaller, non-intrusive banners strategically implemented for mobile users can work in your favor as the user is already on their mobile device. Be sure your banner is simple, to the point, and conveys value to users.

Mobile App Landing Page

Having a specific page on your hotel’s website to promote the app is an absolute must. Not only will this page provide a plethora of information to guests looking for more details, but it will also serve as a landing page for other promotions and can be used to promote the app throughout other content on your website via internal links. Refresh the content throughout your homepage and other important or highly trafficked pages – rooms page, amenities page, etc. – to drive more awareness about the app and more eyeballs to the app page.

Email Promotion

Integrating mobile app specific messaging into your hotel’s email marketing should be a breeze. Your property should already be sending confirmation emails, pre-arrival emails, and post-stay emails, so adding in content related to your mobile app will simply entail tweaking some copy. You can also send an app specific email prior to arrival to ensure your mobile app messaging isn’t lost in the shuffle.

On-Property Promotion

The same mobile app messaging that is present on your hotel website and in your hotel emails should be easily recognized throughout the on-property experience. Signage in the hotel lobby, in other common areas, like on-site restaurants, and in the room will ensure that the mobile app is seen several times throughout a guests’ stay. Additionally, train your staff to promote the app during relevant guest interactions. Is a guest checking in at the front desk? Make sure they know they can enjoy express check-out and other benefits during their stay by downloading the app. Is the guest calling the front desk for room service or for a simple request? Make sure they know they can easily submit future requests via the mobile app. Promotional signage is passive and can only go so far, but staff interactions are real time and can be a powerful way to convey your message and drive more downloads.

Mobile App Advertising

The above mobile app promotions are relatively cost effective and easy to implement. Whether you have already mastered the basics and are ready to move on to more sophisticated marketing techniques or you are seeking a more aggressive promotional strategy, there are several advertising avenues to explore specific to mobile app downloads.


Google AdWords Mobile App Install Campaigns

Google AdWords has mastered mobile app promotion with their mobile app install campaigns. Campaigns exist to achieve three goals – mobile app awareness, mobile app installs, and mobile app engagement. AdWords offers rather sophisticated targeting options to ensure your ads are reaching the most relevant audience.


Google AdWords Mobile App Ad Extensions

If Google app install ads seem a bit too sophisticated, dip your toes in the water by enhancing your existing Google AdWords campaigns with the mobile app ad extensions. This easy to implement ad extension will feature a link to your hotel’s mobile app on mobile ads on your existing ad campaigns.

Facebook App Install Ads

Facebook also offers a mobile app specific ad type for promoting mobile app installs. From a Facebook perspective, try targeting a warm audience like only showing ads to your existing fan base or only showing ads to previous guests or even future guests via email based targeting.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today to see how our savvy mobile app marketing team can help you best utilize your new Guest Express mobile app!

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